Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Farmers market

Christmas in August is how we refer to it, when mom and dad come to visit. It definitely feels like Christmas just with out the decor. They visited for 10 days dad had a hockey tournament to attend to, but I prefer to say they came here and the hockey tournament was a by the way. When they came up mom had a cold, I wasn't allowed to go near her and I had to wear a mask for three days. Then dad caught it and I had to continue with the mask. I felt cheated on my share of the hugs and kisses. When we went down to Durban for the funeral, dad wasn't infectious anymore so I went with him to the farmers market just to spend time with him. Nothing feels better than enjoying a sunny morning walking between stalls and enjoying the aroma of coffee brewing, the sight of pancakes being tossed in the air as they season them with Cinnamon, fried eggs being spread out on paper plates, as we stroll between captivating rows of beautifully arranged stacks of beads, colourful cushions, amidst laughter as people meet long lost friends.

Beautiful art work that makes one wish they paid more attention in art class during their back in the day. Rows of tables set for sampling home made goodies being sold.
Dog owners with their heads help up high as they walk their dogs while indulging themselves in the compliments by bystanders or shoppers admiring them with envy. And the occasional loud ferocious barks of small dogs trying to display dominance. 

Antique furniture carefully displayed drawing collectors under their spell one of who was dad. As they give the contents of their wallets while displaying big grins as they lay their claim as they mentally place the furniture in their new home. However consequences of these spells may be questionable after the market. Dad fell in love with this telephone chair/desk but mom wasn't very fond of it but it starts its new life as a cherished item in the cook home.
I was glad we went to the the market and enjoyed chatting as we strolled through those stalls and I'm grateful for a wonderful dad. What better way to cherish a day with dad and add another slide to my wonderful memory collection slide show.

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