Wednesday, August 24, 2011

23 weeks update

While in Durban, we went in to see our Dr. Berios, he is the most awesome Dr ever. I have been having constant headaches for a couple of weeks now. They have been so painful I sometimes thought my left eye was about to pop out. It was a quick stop over he had an emergency Cesarean but wanted to see me before he left his office. After doing a check up and scan, he referred me to an Ophthalmology  one of his friends. We were excited to see BC as we didn't think we would have a scan. She is doing great and he is happy  that she is on track. It takes 3 weeks to get an appointment with this specialist and he called in a favor after seeing BC off we went to see the specialist. While we waited BC kicked like mad Wayne felt her kick.
After several test and eye drops it turns out my eyes are perfect the cause of the headaches - yours truly sinuses.  I'm having the paediatric nasal drops and avoiding diary products  but I have to live with it till BC arrives. That is my cross to bear. Otherwise we doing great here is to 23 weeks.

Size of Baby: Size of a large mango

Total weight gain/loss: I'm now 53kg
Maternity clothes? yes please
Sleep: Since getting the preggie roll its bliss.
Best moment this week: Seeing BC again and putting her cot together.
Movement: A lot, she is one energetic baby.
Food cravings: None.
Gender: Its a GIRL
Labor Signs: None
Belly button in or out? in the middle its not in and not really out.
What I miss: Being able to access my feet without running out of breath and feeling like I'm about to explode.
What I am looking forward to: getting wardrobes installed in her room and beginning the third trimester.
Weekly Wisdom: None.


Juanique said...

WOOHOO!!! So excited for you, girly! You look so cute pregnant! Contrats!

The Cooks said...

Thanks hun!!!! long time . Its nice seeing you here :)