Friday, September 2, 2011

14 years, I miss you mom & Love you always

I still recall very clearly the sound of your voice, your laugh, the stern warnings and the acting you performed. The day you came to visit me in school with your pink dress and twirled around so I could see how gorgeous you looked, you had just had your hair braided. It's so vivid in my mind, yet its been 14 years since you were called home to be with our Heavenly father. I rejoice in this day today, because of the knowledge I have that we shall be together some day.
There days when I feel you around me and the comfort it brings is trully a blessing. I love our chats during walks to the park and all the time. I'm so glad you bore me, I lift my head high filled with pride celebrating the life you lived, the legacy you left behind and will continue to remember those wonderful lessons and beautiful examples you set and try to be like you.
We are having BC this December I truly wish you would be here physically to hold her and just experience that wonderful moment with us. I know you have met her though she won't remember when she comes.

Thank you for everything I love you mom always. I hold you close to my heart. You are such a great blessing.   
flower from mom's garden.


Juanique said...

Mom's never stop being moms. I know she takes care of you and looks out for you! it's great that you feel that in your life

The Cooks said...

They dont stop hey,How are you doing? Miss you doll xox