Monday, September 5, 2011

The count down begins

Thursday afternoon last week, I went for a family friend's funeral, Bro Les. It was a lovely ceremony, I think I needed it, knowingmy mom's anniversary was today. I had mixed feelings about attending. And I'm glad I did the talks given by Elder Mkhabela and Elder Bricknell of the area seventy spoke straight to me. Its amnazing how the knowledge in the Gospel blesses us even with out our realisation sometimes.
I then headed home to pack and see my babe off for his trip cant wait for next week friday.
Family pic before he left(excuse my under garments showing)

Glad we have good friends, Simon droppped him off at the airport cause he was worried about me driving in the dark bless him.
As always when Wayne leaves something has to  go a miss!!!
Electricity went off for about three hours, french toast has never tested better in the dark.
Candle lit showers are a must to experience.
Thanks to Fudge, I'm so tired because he paced all through the night waiting from daddy to come home.
 Note to self. Need to take him today to the vet to have his claws clipped.
Hopefully the freaking closets will be done with today.

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