Wednesday, September 7, 2011

25 weeks Update

Time is flying, we are 25 weeks and 5 days today which marks 100 days left. I took a half day's leave today to make sure the carpenter and is delinquent crew get the job done. I'm so over living like a hoarder in our home.
Anyways its exciting, Bc is being spoilt left right and center. When I went to Spring I found Ouma and oupie had gone on a shopping spree for this little angel of ours. We feel so blessed and feel all this love. It's amazing.
For the 25 week update I don't have pics, Wayne is not home to take the pic and I don't have anyone to do so, I guess I could ask someone but so not worth the energy of posing in front of a stranger.
Size of baby: Bc is the size of a rutabaga

Total weight gain/loss: I haven't gained any weight this week. Still same 53kg
Sleep: It's been a struggles especially now that Wayne is not around its worse.
Best moment this week: I know it will be Saturday, oh wait I have had great moments surprise phone calls from Wayne while he is on the trail. Somehow he found signal so it may end up being only two days without talking to him.Which has been the longest since we got married.
Movement: She is moving quite alot both day and night and i'm loving it.
Food cravings: Irish potatoes with chilli and fresh veges, Im having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Gender: It's a girl
Labor signs: None
Belly button in or out? It's definitely out!
What I miss: Being able to just spring up and bending without huffing and puffing.
What I'm looking forward to? Having my Hubby back, I miss him. And having the closets finished today.
Weekly wisdom: None, just filled with lots of gratittude for the many blessings.
Nice day everyone

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