Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Half way there

Yesterday, I got a surprise call from my dear hubby, he is doing great and enjoying every minute of the otter trail. I was pleasantly surprised since there is no network in the area and where they are hiking they could only get network on Thursday. His words, "Babe this place is so stunning you would really love it except for the cold showers and long walks". He does know me too well, I would rather drive than walk, at the malls or any parking spot he usually tries to find the nearest parking to the door.
It's been quite lonely without him and we miss him, hence the count down. Some might say it's good to have some me time but gees an hour with out him is enough me time.
Fudge is so lost with out his daddy, poor boy has been defying all my orders of going to his bed in our room and opting to sleep by the entrance into the house waiting for his daddy. Last night I felt terrible and ended up carrying his bed and placing it at the main door. I think he slept alright.
Poor fudge tucked in bed by the door, waiting for daddy to come home
On the other hand Jiji cant be bothered, she is enjoying her space on the bed.

Our dirty Jiji on the other hand couldnt be bothered (this cat enjoys rolling in the dirt) 
Unbelievable I'm still fighting with the carpenters!!!! Such incompetent people. Anyway here is to four more sleeps. Have a good day all.

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