Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekend and Dr.Appointment

Saturday was hectic, thanks to my lovely hubby this year for my bday I got a Nikon D3100. So I had to attend lessons for it. It turned out quite pleasant.  He mowed the lawn and we headed to church to clean the chapel,  to do our bit and found the other people hadn't bothered to pitch up to clean. Wayne had to sms the ward to ask for volunteers bless them people turned up and helped clean by the time we left it was 7pm exhausted and all. And Sunday night Wayne dropped me off at the airport at 8pm and met mom and dad the other side after 10pm.
Monday morning, mom, dad and I headed out to our first appointment which was for the 4D scan at the Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Center, BC kicked all the way to the hospital, typical Cook style and when we got there she decided it was time to sleep.
BC's stroller and carry cot arrived about amonth ago just waiting for her :)

Chance and I had a little bit of play time before we left for hospital

 As soon as I lay on the bed, she stopped kicking we were just in time to watch her yawn and cover her face with her hands and have a snooze through out the whole ordeal. We poked her and shook turned side ways. We were able to see her face though we not sure who she looks like. And it was really exciting seeing her and having the technician confirm she is a girl.
After seeing our lil girl we had a mini tour of the maternity rooms. We are definitely getting a private room and we couldn't go into one because they were occupied but their general rooms are just as good. Its two people in a ward.
Maternity ward(general ward)

mom infront of the hospital
After we headed to see our favorite gynae in the world Dr. Berios, he was happy with BC's progress , she is right o n track and was sitting perfect her heart beat was perfect, and she now weighs 1.164kgs and hoping she will start gaining more weigh as the weeks go by.
My maternity leave forms were filled in and we are sorted, well almost sorted out. Our next appointment is at 34 weeks. And we shall have moved temporarily to Durban.

After the Dr we were heading back to the airport and dad suggested we go to sibaya casino none of us had been to it so we went to pass time it was beautiful, we had lunch and dad played and I got to have a one on one with mom chatting and relaxing .

And as they say time flies when you having fun , we headed to the airport, and dad decided I had to eat again, by the time I boarded I was in pain from being too full. But it was worth it, spending time with our wonderful parents.
Saying bye at the boarding gates
I was so excited to see my babe again and he was so excited abut the scan and we sat in bed watching our girl and called it a day. It was great to snuggle with my man again  feel complete. It reminds me to always count our blessings - my hubby; as I'm filled with gratitude.

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Monique said...

aww so wonderful things are going well and your stokke baby pretty nice. it's getting closer to the date! good luck!