Sunday, February 12, 2012

All Things in October

On the 8th Oct my dear friends Jenny and Soh, organised a surprise baby shower for us. I was really surprised, I'm usually clued up on what's going on but they managed to keep it top secret even my dear hubby kept it from me. We were spoilt, well Baby Cook was really spoilt. It was great to hang out with the ladies/friends from church. After the baby shower as I thought about the day, it came to mind that actually most of my friends are members of the church:)
The last time I went and watched my dear sweetie, play cricket was in April before we discovered we were expecting, then morning/all day sickness came along and I havent been able to attend any of his matches. he suggested I go with him for the game and since I will be moving to Durban that was the only chance I had. I agreed that I would go along with him, after doing some shopping for maternity clothes. He usually goes with John so we had to pick John on our way, when we got to John's house wayne said, "babe get out of my car now and enjoy your baby shower!" I was in so much shock.
It was wonderful to hang out and chat and laugh it went so well. I'm grateful for wonderful friends and the blessing they are to our family. i cant thank them enough.

I love her to bits -Jenny

I Love this lady to bits

The  little sister I never had :)

I have no idea what she was doing .... fun i guess!!!
And the shower we got home and headed out to watch Cold play. That is for another post altogether.

A wedding
 We had a wedding to attend Wayne was presiding over it. It was lovely a young couple Claudia and Chris very beautiful couple. The wedding ceremony and reception where held in the outskirts of town; such a beautiful place I have no idea how they found it.

My wonderful hubby :)
Me at 32 weeks my feet were so swollen, when we got to the wedding I was wearing high heels by the time we were half way my feet were on a different level luckily Wayne had carried flats for me, for just incase.
The stunning couple
I love weddings, It was great to be a part of one of their most important memories. the food and the decor was just wonderful.  It brought wonderful memories that I'm thankful for and just to realise and appreciate time. We are about to have a baby:). It just feels perfect like we are where we are meant to be

.I.'m so thankful for a wonderful husband I couldn't have been blessed with anyone better. I love you Wayne .

Visitng the Grand parents 28/10
We had to make one stop before we headed out to Durban till baby Cook arrived. Our weekends were fully booked, all we had was the last weekend of October to spend time with the grand parents.
 Sunday after church before lunch we took some pictures, I also figured out a new function of my camera, the picture turned out alright.
 wayne and ouma
 The grand parents

 And me at 33 weeks with swollen feet
Wayne, ouma, oupie and I
After that weekend we had to get back to pack and for my last week or rather three days at work. :)

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