Monday, February 27, 2012

Brave girl

Last Thursday, we took our munchkin for her third shot to the baby clinic. I wrestled with the thought of going with her to the clinic. I'm not the bravest of all when it comes to Sarah. The shots she has received so far her daddy has played the bigger role of the two of us. Last month when we took her I cried from home to the clinic and back. I cried more than our little one. Just the thought of her being in pain breaks my heart and the emotions and tears can't be contained within.
She had just woken up. I love this face.When I kiss her before I pick her up, she gives me the most gorgeous smile :)

She had just woken up
  Bath time, her favorite time ever.

 So Wayne had to drive all the way back from work to take us to the clinic and drop us off at home then go back to work. He basically took three hoursoff from work and I'm so grateful.

On our way

Arriving at the baby clinic
  Sarah is definitely a trooper and takes after her daddy when it comes to pain threshold. After her shot she cried for 2 seconds literally and was done. And her daddy cuddled her.

Lying on the table bed waiting for her shot, after being weighed
Cuddles from daddy after the shot
On our way home
We are so blessed after we got into the car she fell asleep, the nurse warned us that she would have a temparature and be fussy but she was all good. Infact she was herself , smiled as usual and was very pleasant to be around as usual. She has definitely picked up weight and is now a whopping 5.8kg.
We take her in a month for the next appointment and this time she will receive two shots . I'm not looking forward to it. she is such a cutie and a joy to be around!!!


Mrs in Training said...

She's precious. And the shots are always harder on the mama. You're doing a great job!

The Cooks said...

Thanks my dear, being a mommy is trully wonderful