Tuesday, February 21, 2012

11 weeks old

Our precious Sarah is 11 weeks old today. Its unbelieveable that our little girl is growing so fast. She is smiling alot and getting very interactive. On saturday while wayne was trying to nap she went all out very vocal and making her baby sounds. It was so cute he just couldn't fall asleep.

 She is rolling alot more especially when I put her on tummy time. So we can't leave her alone on the bed anymore. She sleeps well and eats well too.She loves bath time!!!!! When it is time to get out of her bath, she screams when we take her out and I have had to put her back in the bath. I think she gets that from me, if I had my way I would shower the whole day.

I'm enjoying motherhood we have a perfect daughter.She is so pleasant to be around and I can't imagine our lives without her.

We cannot get enough of our precious daughter.


Juanique said...

Oh mn she is stunning!! I cant wait to meet her ( and u, ofcoure, Irene!)

The Cooks said...

We cant wait to meet you either and time is flying :) Hope your tooth has eased up.