Tuesday, April 3, 2012

17 weeks old (4 months and one week)

Our precious Sarah turned 17 weeks yesterday. She is growing unbelievably so fast. Still a joy to be a round and we are crazy about her. I love being her mommy and cherish every minute I spend with her.
I took her in for her shots last week on Thursday and she has definitely gained weigh and is growing nicely.
She weighed 6.6kg
She is 61cm in height
and her head circumference is 41.5
And we were advised to start her on solids. We tried that yesterday and she threw up most of the day so we won't give her any more solids till she is six months old.
Sarah and Bunny

She is still exclusively on breast milk and going through an growth spurt and waking up 1 to 2 times to feed during the night and after her feed goes back to sleep with out any problem.

She is now sitting but it's on her terms not when we want her too. The first time she did that was two weeks ago when we were in Durban. As she was done with her bath I put her on the bed and she just stayed there. I screamed for mom and dad to come and see. Wayne and I were in so much shock. It was so wonderful to see this milestone. I still get giddy thinking about it.
She is more vocal and on Sunday had such a hearty laugh as Wayne was playing with her. She is rolling a whole lot.

She still loves her bath time, loves to kick and splash water and screams bloody murder when taken out of the bath.

She smiles and giggles alot. she has the cutest smile.
We love her to bits and she is the best thing that has happened to us.
She is such a morning person, when she wakes up she always has a smile on her face as soon as she sees our faces.

She is such a cheerful baby

 She is now eating her finger, she doesn't suck them and we think its because she is teething.
She loves Bunny and her rattle teether and is picking up things around her.
she LOOOOOves watching rugby with her daddy. And we have to switch off the TV in order to feed her and she cries for it to be switched back on.
There is just so much about our little angel that we feel incredibly blessed to have her in our lives. She definitely completes our family.
On Saturday we went out as a family to shop for my birthday present and Wayne and her definitely got me a present that left me speechless.
Sarah enjoying my present
 They definitely have very good taste. And I'm so grateful for them.

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Mrs in Training said...

haha, love the picture of her and the ipad - so cute!