Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doctor's Visit at Four Months and a Half

Two weeks ago, we made our first trip to the pediatrician, our munchkin was not well. She developed a rash around her neck, on her back and under her arms. At first we thought it was heat rash so I decided to increase the dose of baby powder that I applied to those areas but it was not showing signs of improvement. Then I thought maybe it was because he skin was too dry and I kept on applying lotion onto her body to keep her skin moist but there was no change.
 Eventually after two weeks of no change, I called the Dr's office and we were told they were fully booked so we had to wait four agonizing felt like we had to wait for ever. Wayne gave her a blessing as I was freaking out, and in the blessing it said she would get well and we had to follow the doctor's counsel. Eventually Monday arrived and we were an hour early at the premises.
As we sat waiting for the doctor to get back from the wards, I noticed that all the children who were also there to see the doctor had been wrapped up, wearing mittens, hats tight and socks, meanwhile our Sarah was just wearing a dress with no socks and I had a swaddle that I was carrying her in. Feeling like the worst mother in the world got the socks out of the diaper bag and decided to dress Sarah but in less than two minutes she had kicked them off. I tried twice and gave up. I usually carry two pairs for in case of emergency. I do accept our child is different even when she is sleeping we don't cover her hands as she gets so restless.
On seeing the pediatrician, it turns out princess has eczema. Upon seeing the rash on her, he asked what products I was using on Sarah and I told him it was Johnson, and he advised us not to use that but instead try something else. When we got home I started using Elizabeth Anne products, I bathed her and also applied the cream he prescribed for her and by morning there was such a big improvement. I returned the Johnson products that we had bought almost 6 months worth of baby products luckily I had the receipt so I just swopped instead. Besides the rash, he was happy with Sarah's development. And she had a full check up.
She was weighing 7kg, 63cm long and her head circumference was 41cm. He also gave us the green light to start Sarah on solids, and we tried the rice cereal and she was crying from cramps and we abandoned ship. She is still exclusively on breast milk though still insists on only feeding from the right boob. All in all we are in love with this precious angel. she is growing so fast!!!!
She is now fine and doing great. When  we got home I took some pics

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Glad she is okay! LOVE those pictures of sweet!