Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 months old

It's amazing how time flies, it's five months since munchkin was born ie 28th April. Yet it feels like yesterday. She is growing so fast for my liking, it's like every second something new happens.
Lots of photos taken by me.
We love this cutie pie so much

 One day she is just lying and rolling arou d and the next she is pulling her feet towards her mouth. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and are extremely thankful for the beautiful gift we have. Nothing can explain the joy of being Sarah's mom. We love her and we are so glad that we are sealed as a family. I'm thankful to my wonderful husband for giving me the opportunity to stay at home and look after our little process. She is going through milestones as she continues to grow and we can't get enough of her. I take pictures of her literally everyday. I had to buy another 16g card as the ones I have since she was born are full.
 She is such a pleasant baby she is soooo laid back hardly cries and is not fussy. The only time she is fussy is when we take her out of her bath tub. Then hell breaks loose as she loves bath time and enjoys splashing. Around as she plays with her bath toys. The thermometer has seen lots of days as she likes to toss it out after giving it a few licks.
 She continues to roll on both sides, it's scary to leave her on the bed for a second unattended to, so I now use pillows to stop her from moving all around. A few days ago I left her at the top of the bed as I prepared her bath and when I came from the bathroom she was at the foot of the bed. Never will I leave her alone again. She is more alert and doesn't fall asleep easily any more in the car. She continues to be very vocal especially when she has just woken up and it's music to our ears.

She is still on breast milk today is her third day of being on solids, we are giving her apple by purity stage 1. We not doing rice cereal as it gives her cramps and she is miserable after that lots of crying. But with apple she is fine so it's 2 teaspoons every day at 11am for one week the we shall increase the intake. Though she wants more sometimes. She is wearing 3 to 6 months clothes. She loves to play with her toys and at the moment everything goes into her mouth. She is not teething much occasionally she will want to munch on our fingers.

 She is a good sleeper usually wakes up once a night to feed and goes right back to sleep. She is not a big eater she doesn't drink more than 60ml at a time so I have to feed her frequently but I'm cool with that. She loves to smile and laugh. She smiles when she sees our faces as soon as she wakes up.

 She loves daddy time as they sit and watch either cricket or rugby and is so chilled. Tummy time is still going great.

Loves to kick and hold on to her feet.
She is so cute.

 We are so blessed with munchkin and can't complain. She continues to be such a joy to us and we are so grateful for her. I'm hoping that this weekend we will finish her bedroom. It's been an on going process but I'm glad we waited for the stuff we wanted for her room.
She has a very expressive face :)
I'm planning on thing her to be weighed next week so for now I'm not sure how much she weighs but she is definitely fitting better into her clothes and growing out of some.

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