Thursday, September 13, 2012

Munckin 6 Months

Its been a while, well blame it on ... the list is long, being a mom moving away from home for two months but I guess better late than never. yes she turned six months and i did take lots of pics  but didn't get the time to blog about her growth but i did write about it in my journal.. These days there isn't enough time in a day. I usually get into bed after mid night and very exhausted that I battle to sleep and end up sleeping at about one am. Any way we are deeply in love with our little princess. Here are some pictures I took of her at 6 months.
 She is such a daddy's girl.

Our little angel turned 6 months on the 28th of may!! Unbelievable how time flies. We are so blessed by her and she  continues to bring so much joy in our lives.
We took her the doctor 2weeks ago and

She weighed 7.3kg
64cm long  and her head circumference was 41cm.

She still loves to bath and splash around and get us all wet while bathing her. She screams blue murder when taken out of the bath. At times I have to change the water in order to keep her in the bath longer

She started on solids this week and her favorite foods are butternut and apples

She is still under routine though with teething it's been here and there. Se is getting back into routine.

She is very curious and into everything around her..she has learnt how to dive for things out of her reach since she can't crawl to get them..

She is still laid back and rarely cries.
She loves to watch cricket rugby and Dora the explorer..

Cries for her daddy when he leaves for church in the evenings or when he leaves the house during the day.
Loves to smile
At the moment everything that she touches goes into her mouth.

She is still breast feeding but at this rate I'm not sure what will happen when the teeth come as she is biting for dear life.

Loves to make faces and she is very expressive.

All in all she is an awesome baby and we couldn't be happier with having her in our lives.As you will see she literally wrestles with the prop instead of just looking at it. :)

we couldn't be any happier as a family and as parents. We love you so much munchkin and thanks for being such a joy in our lives.


Mrs in Training said...

She is getting so big! Love those big brown eyes! PS ..I keep failing your comment verification. It makes it really hard to leave you comments...

The Cooks said...

oops sorry, I didn't even know it was on.I have made some changes hope it was the right change.