Friday, September 14, 2012

Almost the end -Kenya

We have been in Kenya for two whole months!!! Loved every bit, the weather, the food, even the annoying traffic.  When we left joburg it was the coldest it had ever been, Sarah was in a snow suit when we let home and was still cold. we couldn't feel our fingers and to make matters worse electricity went like four hours before we left for the airport. I was so glad to get out of that place and say hello to tropical sun and paradise. But boy was I given a rude awakening when we got here, it turns out it was their winter too!!! but their winter has been summer to us. Perfect weather.It's so sad that we have to go back, I have fallen in love with this place. If our dog fudgie and cat jiji were here I don't think I would look back or even blink if we had to stay. All this as a result of my wonderful hubby's hard work and I'm so grateful for all his has done and for this opportunity for us to live here. We are so proud of him for all he has done for our family. It's been crazy for him as he has had to do two jobs but even with the hard work we spent more time together as a family which was the best part of this adventure.
In the kitchen playing with the broom. She moves around the house with it.

Chasing after the cat
The cat running away from munchkin

the cat taking a breather after being chased around
So excited with herself
We have been living in Andrews apartments in westlands, I'm not going to miss their laundry services but the place was good. Yesterday Sarah and I took a walk around the premises just to soak in everything one last time. She chased after cats and we even found new members of the place. Three cute kittens that she is scared of and wouldn't dare to go near unlike the cats!! If we lived here I would have taken them.
One of the kittens, they were so adorable!!!

Sarah so excited to see the cat she almost jumped off the chair as I was trying to take her pictures
So cute!!!
The cat decided she would be a prop in the picture
During this time munchkin grew and has continued to blossom into the lovely little girl she is. I must say I am kinda sad that she is moving past the baby phase.
Since she started crawling, we have become more active around the house. She is not crawling like a soldier in training its more like little leaps. So she is every where and any where including the suitcases.
I left the suitcase in the lounge so I could pack some stuff to send home and when I came back from the kitchen this is what I found.
 I'm enjoying having her as my shadow and she keeps me company in the kitchen, bathroom and around the house.
The first time she crawled properly, I was in the shower. I usually left her on the bedroom floor and went in to shower. As I showered I felt something touch my feet and got the biggest fright ever. To look down it was munchkin hehe . She had such a big smile on her face, for the big accomplishment and insisted on entering the shower with me, which we count as her first shower.
Tonight we are going for dinner at our friends Yolande and Kofi's house.Looking forward to it.

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