Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nursery Transition

 Two months before Sarah was born I moved to Durban and lived with mom and dad because my gynae is based  there. When I left joburg for Durban I didn't take time off to work on the nursery. I think Friday was my last day and we drove down that very night. So when Sarah was born, for the first three weeks of her being around we stayed in Durban with mom and dad. When we got home her nursery was no where in condition for her to sleep in. We decided she would sleep in the  bassinet and when she outgrew it, we would move her into the camp cot in our bedroom. 13 months later she was still sleeping in our room and had even graduated from sleeping in her bed to sleeping in our bed! I would put her in the cot and when she woke up in the middle of the night, mama was too tired to feed her and put her back so I would just bring her into bed with us.
she was on a routine so when she went to bed at 7pm, we would have to be so careful, shower in the dark, look for stuff in the dark , had to whisper and most of all no watching TV in bed so we wouldn't wake her up. and instead of sleepingnthrough thennight like she was doing before we went to kenya, she would wake up about 6 times to feed and go back to sleep. we werent getting enough sleep, it was ok during the holidays as Wayne was on leave but when he returned to work it was a different story because of breast feeding I was basically sleeping on one side as sarah only nurses from one breast, I woke up sore every morning and I decided enough was enough we were evicting her from our room. she plays in her room everyday goes and unpacks the drawers and toys so I didnt think she would freak out sleeping there without doing it gradually. At 9 months I had decided it was time for us to move her to her room but Wayne was like its too soon, lets wait.

It's now a week today and we are having the time of our lives! Sarah is sleeping much better waking up once a night and I have cut out the breast feeding at night. The first night was scary, she literally was looking for my boob in her sleep and slapping and pulling, I felt so guilty but I had to persevere. She woke up about 5 times and at some point I ended up sleeping on the carpet in her room while saying mommy is here. But it has since gone down, although I'm not getting enough sleep. I keep on waking up thinking I didn't hear her cry.
she has come to accept that its her room and well she seems pretty happy. There is positive progress.

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