Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dinner with friends.

Last night we went to our friends Yolande and Koffi's house for dinner. They are an expert couple from the US in kenya. They have two gorgeous children. Yolande and I have arranged play dates since we have been here. It was a first for Sarah and I. Boy, how I wish I had friends with babies or toddlers to have play dates with. I'm really going to miss seeing Sarah getting along with other babies.
Lovely family, shame Eli was already asleep by the time we got there.
It took us two hours and a half to get to a place that usually takes 20 minutes to get there thanks to the lousy driver who forgot to check their fuel gauge. The traffic was murder, we even switched off the engine and just chilled out on the high way. We thought there was an accident but there was no scene and next to  the car stood the driver with his jerry can filling up. Even after notifying them in advance that we would be late, we had to call again to extend the time.
As usual the cooks are always late we are never on time however early we leave the house. when we finally arrived dinner was served, delicious and the company was even better. We chatted till past mid night and  then headed home.
We shall definitely miss them soo much. We have met some of the nicest people here in Kenya. My heart is heavy. We do plan on visiting again though.
Its past midnight we leave tomorrow for joburg, I wish I could rewind the clock. I'm so tired. Typical of the Cooks, we leave everything till last minute, we pack on the day we travel. Wish us luck!!! I'm going to bed now. Not looking forward to the flight tomorrow. Lucky for us munchkin is a very chilled baby. She flies so well. we have flown three times and this will be her forth. We haven't had any problems. Keeping fingers crossed.
My two favorite people in the whole wide world

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