Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby sitting/ play date

On Friday morning I received a call from our friends Daniel and Camilla, they were asking if I had received their message. Thanks to Sarah, I hadn't seen the message. They asked if I could baby sit their adorable baby Thomas, so they could go to the temple.
 I gladly accepted the opportunity to spend time with their little one and knowing Sarah would be over the moon to have him around. It had been a while since we had him over. The first time I baby sat him he was just 7 days old. She loves him and he loves her too, how can I tell? Every time she stands in front of him and bends over to look at him he smiles and chuckles and when I do the same I receive nothing no smile.
He is so laid back and just having two babies in the house does something to my heart. I vision us in the future with Sarah having another sibling and getting on well. She loves sharing generally with every one and when he is around she wants to share all her toys and food with him. Then I try to explain to her in a way she can understand that he is too young to eat but they can share her toys. She sits next to him most of the time and even when he is on the swing, she pushes it gently while cooing over him. Its so cute. She isn't jealous of the attention he gets from me, when he is being tended to.
I love more each day, never thought I could this kind of love.

It was wonderful to experience this stage of babyhood again if I may say.

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