Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sarah at 14 months

Almost everyone said wait till she starts walking then everything will be worse, it's a lot of work! I'm yet to experience it. I'm loving every bit of her.
Our little angel turned 14 months at the end of January, and she is continuing to grow.we are happy with her development and so is the paediatrician.
She weighs 9.92kgs, I was concerned that she is tiny but the doctor is very happy with her growth. She is 75cm long and her head circumference is still the same 46cm. Prior to taking her to the doctor we took her for her shots and this child of ours didn't cry or flinch. I on the other hand cried till we left the clinic. Sometimes I wonder who she is lol. She definitely takes after her daddy when it come to handling pain.
She is sleeping through most nights from 8pm to 6.30 am. I know it's early but we aren't complaining because we have had sleepless nights so this for us is bliss.
She is saying a few words but talks a lot of baby talk. I think she thinks fudge is her sibling as sometimes we find her trying to feed him using her spoon or trying to brush his teeth using her tooth brush which is gross but we have managed to explain to her that fudge uses his own and when she wants to brush his teeth she collects his tooth brush.
She has developed a love for shoes!!!! Trying to explain to her that you cant wear two shoes on one foot!!!! eventually after an hour I gave up and just wore two different shoes. She walked all day in one pink and one white shoe very contented.
 She has 8 teeth, four at the bottom and at the top , although tonight as I was applying teething gel I felt another tooth probably a molar. Part of it has cut through. we are so blessed that she doesn't get fussy or sick when she is teething.
Loves the out doors, and will literally bolt as soon as the door is opened.
She is a fussy eater and we are still feeding her baby food stage four though. Loves anything with chicken, lamb and pringle chips.
She still wont have any cereal for breakfast, instead loves her fruit. I'm not complaining about that.
Is such a daddy's girl.
Loves her bed time story time, she even gets up after getting dressed after her bath and picks up her favourite book and hands it over to either daddy or me to read.
She is absorbing a lot of what we do, like laying the bed- I always flip  the sheets and its so cute finding her doing the same. This morning after I changed her diaper and placed it in the disposable bag, she got up picked it up and walked out of her room with it. I eventually followed her and found her putting it in the bin in our bathroom.
Loves to share her toys and food.
Is still afraid of people and will run and hide behind me when someone approaches up.
Still has separation anxiety big time, and thanks to that we cant have anyone baby sit he besides Wayne and I.
Loves her bath time, and has learnt how to unplug the bath so after I have bathed her I leave her in the bath until all the water is drained, then she calls out to be picked up.
She is wearing 12 to 18 months clothes and some 18 months depending on the cut.
She is still on breast milk. She wont drink any juice but loves water.
She is able to climb up an down the couch.
She is a busy body and I'm  thankful for that because we do things together all day.
Sarah loves to unpack the dish washer, especially the cutlery, she picks them one at a time and hands it over to me to put in the drawer. She is such a little helper.
She has also developed a love for writing, the other day I found she had scribble on the duvet in black ink, not looking forward to washing it as I'm the one who hand washes it, So we got her come coloured pencils and she is having a ball with them. I hope he doesn't start writing on the walls.
All in all she is doing great and we cant complain. We love her to bits. its strange how we were talking that we actually miss her when she is sleeping. Sometimes I'm so tempted to wake her up but I wouldn't do that. I cant thank Wayne enough for giving me the opportunity to stay at home with Sarah and get to se all these lovely things she does and watch her grow into the lovely child she is.

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