Saturday, February 23, 2013

Having fun indoors

The weather has been up and down, its so unbearably hot then it rains there after for like two whole days! it reminded us of the few days before we left to visit. Munchkin is such an outdoor love that when its raining she gets bummed. She doesn't like the rain falling on her, not even the drizzles from the sprinkler but does enjoy playing in her pool. I wish I had packed it.

When it was raining, she unpacked her inflatable pool and tried blowing it. I eventually came to her rescue.

munchkin trying to inflate the pool after seeing what mommy was doing
We had it in the middle of our lounge for a couple of days and nights without and water in it. she would climb into it with her toys and play.
She is copying everything I do which is so sweet but sometimes I cant help but feel like I'm losing my baby, she is growing so fast and keep wondering where time has gone as it still feels like she was born yesterday.

We have woken up and day looks so inviting, if the weather continues like this we might go to the beach today.

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