Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentines Day


Valentines day was fabulous. Sarah and I got a surprise from daddy :). Wayne is in Kenya for three weeks! He bought me my valentines present before he left. I got spoilt with a brand new laptop. I'm loving every bit of it. So I didn't think much of the day, when it got around. We miss him terribly and after our usual phone calls in the morning, checking in on Sarah and I. We hadn't made any plans since we didn't have a car to go around. So being a gorgeous hot day we stayed in doors watched lots of tv and played in the garden.

Then in the early afternoon received a call from the gate there was a delivery for us. He surprised us and ordered the most gorgeous flowers. I love him so much and I'm  the luckiest girl ever to call him my prince charming. I cant wait for him to get home and give him the biggest smooch ever. Not only does he think of me but of munchkin too. We are very blessed spoilt girls.
And aunty Thobe came to play and spoilt us with delicious red velvet cup cakes. It was a wonderful day.

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