Monday, May 11, 2009

The holiday - Drakensberg Mountains, Pt 1

Its been a while since we have actually posted anything new , we have actually been updating old posts. But .. yeah we had the blessing of going on holiday for two weeks. It was wonderful. Wayne hadn't been on holiday in 19 months several reasons .... so by the time we went on leave his body was really begging him for a break. We should have left for our Holiday on Friday 8th May but it didn't go to plan it just started as a disaster I had lots of things to windup and put together. So we left on Saturday morning at about 1am, we hit the road and arrived at the cottage at about 7am. I slept most of the journey as Wayne did all the driving. Our first destination- the Cottage at the Drakensburg. It was a breath of fresh air, our moto for the holiday was sleep, eat and grow. It was very cold between 3 and 12 degrees so most of the time we spent indoors.

me lying by the fire place
Wayne sitting on one of them rocks

The reason as to why the cottage is called rocky ridge is because of the rocks

We were able to go up the mountain for a hike and had a picnic . it was wonderful to just enjoy the breeze and view as we soaked up some bit of sun and lay lazily on the grass gazing at the sky.One of Wayne's favorite.
We went on a stroll down by the river,we found some fish and also horses by the river side, enjoyed the sound of water gashing down the stream and the waterfall. The view/scenery was just so spectacular. Jumped on rocks and walked along the river bank. Such lovely weather to be outdoors. On our way back was the part i dreaded we had two encounters with snakes . eeek!! I'm not a fan of snakes at all...ok and lizards too. Well Wayne doesn't mind them in fact he had a pet snake when he was little. I was grossed and freaked out. The first snake was a small I think yellow or brown as I was too freaked out to notice the colour just as we left the river.We almost stepped on it and the other one was quite big it was green and black as we walked into the drive way of the cottage it was just lying there. Wayne's explanation as to why it was lying in the drive way on the concrete was to get some sun. Lets just say I never got out of the house when it got dark and after that encounter the doors and windows were shut all the time. And I watched every step I took when out of the house just in case there was something lying around.

The weather was great during the day and from around 3pm it started getting cold so by 5pm dinner was ready. We decided to braai all our meals which was fun as we rarely do that back at home because of other commitments. It was wonderful. It was lovely to sit and chat as we waited for dinner to get ready. We had date nights all through the our time in the berg.
On one of the days we kinda slowed down a lot. It was really nice to have my sweetie all to myself again.

Wayne's braai-ing is phenomenal you can see the end result.

One of the nights as we lay in bed watching tv kinda nodding off we received visit from an uninvited guest who from no where started flying and flapping its wings like crazy. Its was scary as we didn't know what it was and all I did was scream and I think the more I screamed the more the bat freaked out. Eventually my Wayne got out of bed while I lay underneath the covers and caught it using a towel and took it to the window where we think it flew away as we never saw it again for the rest of our stay.
Bat the uninvited guest.

We also spent time with aunt Sannie which was lovely to just sit catch up and enjoy her company and Roxie as well. It was great to have them over for dinner. Roxie aka lovie is aunt Sannie's dog the cutes dong ever full of life and every entertaining.This dog is so intelligent that it takes itself for walks it puts her leash in her mouth and takes herself for a walk and when she has had enough she comes back. We also went to aunt Sannie's place for tea by the fireside and stories the air was filled with lots of laughter and also running around playing catch. We also made some discoveries.

Wayne and Roxie playing
Aunt Sannie with Roxie

Wayne at the sword wall, its unbelievable .. the detailed engravings on the swords .Me wearing the helmet its actually heavy so I don't know how people wore it without their necks bending to the side but its pretty cool.

After the four days in the mountains it was time to head to Durban.

On the way to Durban

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