Saturday, April 24, 2010

The awards dinner

We were invited for the annual Performance awards dinner by Wayne's work place. I must say I'm very proud of my hubby. This dinner is only for the A performers at work and since he has been working with the bank he has been invited . I was thrilled to accompany him to this special occasion. It was a black tie dinner hosted yesterday at the Hilton hotel. It was great to see him receive his certificate of performance and enjoy the company of his colleagues. There was lots of dancing and laughter, the food was great and Barry Hilton the comedian was the MC, I must say we were very impressed by his gig. It wasn't lewd, he was classy, elegant and very funny. We then left after 10pm as it was very cold and we had quite a distance to travel. Overall the night was brilliant.Well done hun, you such a great example.

Fudge and dad before we left

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