Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Silence: Studying in progress

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That is what I wish was happening now. Oh boy if there is a time that we both dread its the exam time but we are thankful for the blessing of education and that we can have it and be able to better ourselves. oh being part of the young women at church. The strength of youth manual always comes to mind where we are counseled to seek continuous education. I know its a pain now but after graduation it will all be worth it. I especially feel sorry for Wayne because with his calling and work boy is he lucky to be able to have an evening to study and I know he will get through. He started his exams earlier than me and finishes two weeks earlier too. I on the other hand don't really have an excuse to fail, I cant get me to sit still and study. note to self: need to focus. And end of exams means we get to see our family in Durban. wooohhoooo cant wait for 28th may:) my last exam and we fly out that night after my exam for a weekend of the triple 000 party.

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