Monday, June 28, 2010

A busy weekend

This weekend one one hell of a busy one, just lots of catching up to do. We haven't had a weekend together at home since march there has been something pretty much every weekend. And this weekend was not any different , we had a relief society activity based on visiting teaching a great activity which ended at a bout 12pm. Then Wayne, Jenny and I headed to do our monthly shopping we usually shop once every two months besides the fresh stuff. After shopping on our way home, ended up being bribed to have lunch at their place by Jenny so we left their house at about 5.30pm to unpack our groceries. While at Jenny's the children had been spring cleaning all day in anticipation of the arrival of their grand dad and mom from Ghana.While trying to finish up the cleaning lil Sylvie kept playing with a black marker and I was so tempted to draw harry potter glasses on her face on several occasions but was advised not to. Anyways the following day/Sunday evening she decides to surprise me with this when they came to pick up the other siblings from BYC at our house.

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