Monday, August 2, 2010

The lion Park

Saturday could not have come sooner, since last year we have been trying to get the opportunity to go to the lion park but because of our busy schedules we weren't able to make it finally we squeezed in an hour over the weekend. We had other things going on but decided that it was to happen.We were having our friends over for lunch. Our good friend Larry had flown in from Durban to visit Jenny but was staying with us. They had a wedding to attend at the temple , after they left we headed off too. We were bot excited about this trip/adventure to the park. And when we got there we were very impressed by the place especially the animals. The lion cubs were so adorable i just wanted to take one home. The only white cub came and lay on my lap as we sat to take pictures and rub tummies of the other cubs. It was so playful and I just wanted to take her home. after the ions we went and fed the giraffes who were so cute and friendly. I didn't k now they had such long and rough tongues it felt like a cat's tongue . It was an awesome experience. we walk along the park and some cubs were in rehabilitation- had been involved in some accidents but seemed to be in very playful moods. They were like big kittens playing with soccer balls. The mere cats too looked very tiny and just adorable, the hyena laughed and it was great seeing this creature. The cheetahs were the snobby animals of the lot they couldn't be bothered to lift up their heads to show some kind of curiosity all they did was sleep.The wild South African dogs were so colorful. Due to time constraints we were not able to do the hour game drive to see other animals but we hoping to do that before Christmas and may be camp and be able to do the night drive as well. I'm so glad we live in a country were we an have such special opportunities to kinda bond with nature and embrace its uniqueness. And experience it like next door while other people have to come from other parts of the world to experience it.
Dont you want to just cuddle with it
rubbing the tummy:)
this is my favorite -cute white cub
so cute
How cute is this nose!!
feeding giraffe
me with giraffe
There are more pictures but they wont load so enjoy the ones that loaded.


Monique said...

Wow this is amazing. You can get so close to the animals.

thecooks said...

yeah and you are allowed to stroke them> i didnt want to leave !!!