Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hanging out with wonderful friends

After the lion park we rushed home to set up and prepare for a luncheon at our place with our friends Craig, Stacey with baby Aston, Mike and Desire this weekend and it was so lovely to catch up and chat and laugh thanks to dad and Desire. During the world cup dad was given the VIP treatment by Desire so he had the chance to watch most of the matches played in Durban VIP style. Desire has been here for quite sometime working with FIFA. As a result of dad's appreciation he asked us to do something nice and we decided a luncheon was perfect. Wayne prepared all the food. He is such a great cook. We had a great combination of food- prawns rice, spare ribs,chicken, wors, salads, desserts. Sorry I forgot to take pictures we were having a great time and didn't think of it but we are so grateful for friends like the Barnetts, Mike and Desire. Its nice to have people who share the same standards as us. We feel so blessed to have people like them in our lives.

At 7.30pm we kicked the visitors out because we had another commitment to go to. we were going to have dinner with our other friends the Eppel family. So we headed out and when we got there we were both too full to have diner. I could not put anything into my mouth not even a drop of water. The atmosphere was great,filled wit lots of noise and laughter. We sat down and chatted while having some snacks as the dinner table was being set.
We all sat at the table sans John who was feeling well and continued chatting. After dinner was game time and we played 30 secs, we divided ourselves and of course my group won not because of me it was all team effort.
Setting up snack table
having dinner-Robert was hiding his face didn't want Sylvie to take his pic
getting ready for 30 secs
fun times
from right-Wayne,Larry, Jenny,Becky & nana
Sylvie and grandpa
After that dessert was served and more chatting, eventually after 12.30 am I couldn't keep my head up anymore we were so tired and were ready to go home to prepare for fast Sunday.All in all it was a great weekend and we are grateful for the many blessings we have especially of wonderful friends.

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