Monday, September 20, 2010

Late night Jiji hunting

There is nothing more annoying than looking for a cat in the middle of a cold chilly and windy night.This girl almost gave me a heart attack last night. After Wayne got home with a grand welcome from fudge and jiji they hadn't seen him all day so they were excited to see him with me as well. We had dinner and went to bed at about 7.30pm. We always go to bed after counting heads in our home. Jiji snack out of the window and we thought she was just going for a potty break 2 hours later she was no where to be seen. with me going outside and shouting her name in the garden hoping she would come home as she usually does. This time to no avail. Trying not to wake up Wayne I went to the bathroom window and called ... no Jiji turned up. I went back to bed and couldn't sleep eventually after tossing and turning Wayne was forced to wake up and he offered to walk around the neighbor hood to check and make sure no one had run over her or she wasn't locked out of the complex gate. I tagged along, Wayne and the security guard with their torches started looking around while calling her it was funny and I was calling more less yelling Jiji. Well a cat came to me, it was our neighbor's who live four houses from us and it just continued following me. After almost half an hour of looking we heard the sound of a bell and saw her jump over the wall into our back yard. We suspect she ventured into our neighbors house and fell asleep. It was such a relief.Had to run away from the neighbors cat.
tree climbing

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