Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Dear urinary tract infection please!!!! I'm now worn out and tired of cranberry tablets and citro soda please go haunt someone else who has the patience. my life is too precious for you to mess around with. And to you my dear body I'm have learnt to listen to you and will never take you for granted when you tell me not to eat or drink anything with an orangey flavor or anything to do with the orange fruit. I'm glad you are being lenient and I don't have to go pee every minute of the day but its still uncomfortable. I'm begging you.


Juanique said...

LOL! I am SOOOOO sorry! UTI's STINK!!!!

Dianne said...

Don't know if you got this sorted out, but there are some good tabs you can get from any pharmacy called Pyridium they do turn your pee bright dark orange, but they nip a uti in the bud when you feel those first twinges. I have them shipped over with any relatives coming over, they are invaluable as they dont sell them here. Hope you are feeling better. x