Monday, September 27, 2010

Yay for Bank Holiday

Friday was a bank holiday for us in SA it was heritage day. I have no clue what it represents or stands for but we grateful for a long weekend. Started the day with a lovely branch thanks to my handsome and hard working husband. We had our friends the Barnett family over for branch at about 9.30am. Wayne prepared everything and it was delicious. It was nice chatting and catching up with our friends we have not been able to spend time with them for a while since they have visiting form Australia. Glad they could make it. After a wonderful branch.
while we were checking out the veg garden
we came back inside the house to this
I left Wayne home napping and took my friend Nats shopping. She is a bit of some what a tomboy well not a bit a tomboy big time so we were going shopping for girly stuff. It was interesting as the whole thing was to get her girl stuff but I had to drag her away from the men's section and lots of grays, browns basically dark colors. We were at the shop from 2pm and left after we were chased out because they had had to close shop and we left with three items that is one hour per item. One thing I learnt is going shopping when you not the one buying the stuff can be very tiring. And I was very proud of myself I left the shop without a new item.
Nats being goofy
Passed by the Eppel home and took the little kids for ice cream and enjoyed catching up with Jenny we sat int he car when I dropped them off for almost an hour till grandpa came out and reminded us in a tough tone "never ever to sit in a car outside and chat because we could be targets of hijackers whether it is during the day or night" and I left for home.And had a wonderful evening with Wayne we had pizza for dinner and watched two and half men till we fell asleep.
On a cute note we can all say awwww

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