Monday, March 14, 2011

The dog jumped over the pad

While hanging out with the grandparents over the weekend, I got a visit from aunt flow,who shows up deligently every month . Who am I kidding, I dont know when aunt flow visits I always count on Wayne to remind me about it as for some reason its not on my priority list.
While we were hanging out the guest arrived; luckily I did not just pack my gs for the weekend for some strange ... after packing I threw just one piece of underwear into the suitcase. So a trip to the bathroom voila a confrimation of the untimely visit. In panic mode I ransucked my bag, the car and suit case and found one pad to tide me over till cricket was done. Day one the flow isn't heavy so after the cricket we decided to take a trip to the spa with wayne and granddad in tow. Bought one pkt of pads known as candy since we were heading home early morning. skipping happily to the shower I laid my gs and pkt of candy on the bed, showered and returned to get dressed but couldnt find the candy meanhwhile during my shower I heard the dog growl and I thought, I wonder what he has got his hands on this time. When I wanted to get dressed I couldnt find the candy,I turned the bed upside down thinking it had fallen somewhere, I even started doubting myself, thinking I had left it in the kitchen so I decided to ask ouma if I had left it in her room and she confirmed my suspicion.On walking outside to the patio there was white fluff and pieces of plastic scattered every where and there was buddy with wat was left of the packet of my candy. No one could go near him as he got so aggressive if we even mentioned his name. Eventaully with pieces of bacon, pork chops and bread we side tracked him and used a broom to pull the candy out of the den. Luckily one pad was survived the massacre was was put to use. I dont know where we would have found candy at the ungodly hour of midnight.

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Juanique said...

haha-that's pretty funny...not gunna lie!