Tuesday, July 19, 2011

18 Weeks update

How far along? 18 weeks and 4 days
Size of Baby: Size of a bell pepper
Total weight gain/loss:1.5kg
Maternity clothes?
 I have just  been using the maternity leggings other than that I bought 2 sizes bigger clothes tha im wearing.
Stretch marks? None, Im lotioning myself like a machine
Sleep: Would have been better if our babies fudge and jiji had good sleeping habits.
Best moment this week: Spending the whole weekend with my wonderful hubby :)
Movement: None either im not alert or this baby is just so laid back.
Food cravings: None just cant stand chicken and any smell of juice .
Gender: We still dont know hoping and praying the baby keeps its legs open next week on Friday.
Labor Signs:None
Belly button in or out?
What I miss: Not being tired al the time and not having pins and needles.
What I am looking forward to:Our 20 week appointment next week and starting with the renovations in the house.
Weekly Wisdom: Pregnancy is over rated. The end result is fabulous though.
Milestones: Buying most of the stuff for the renovations.

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