Thursday, July 21, 2011

A complishments

These days I find myself m aking a big deal over things/chores that I get done around the house.  The dog and cat seem to have taken a back seat since finding out we were expecting not intentionally though, I  have also found myself prioritising stuff around the house. Sometimes its, if I can make dinner tonight then that is so major. Poor Wayne he has been such a star, and alot of help around the house. I Love you babe. Of late as my energy levels are getting better, Im trying to catch up,in our home that looks like it was struck by a tornado. Its a mess and I am ashamed but if there is anything this pregnancy has taught me.... is always do what you can and leave the rest for the next time if it ever comes around and appreciate what Wayne does around the house even when I find that the whites in the laundry are nolonger white but either green or red. At least they are clean right:)
My mother would be so shocked if she walked into our home today.
Last evening I could cross stuff off my list !!!
Bath cat -is a digger she digs dirt and burries herself in it. The joys of having a red cat instead of a    black and white one hence the need for daily baths
go to yoga
get dinner read well buy it -pizza for dinner
Load the dish washer
make the bed
Do a load of washing
Looking forward to many more chores being crossed off the list.
Enjoy the pic of my lazy heater hogging babies.

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