Thursday, July 28, 2011

19 weeks Update

After putting off going to see the dentist for a while, I finally set up an appointment. One of my molars basically decided it was time to separate from its other half. About a year ago, after finding a dentist who claimed to fix it by moulding a new half for it twice and not being successful I decided to give one of the other dentists in the unit a go. He has filled my cavities before and I havent had problems. I really have a hate relationship with going to the dentist but couldnt put this off anymore because of the pain. Turns out he Couldnt do what he would have like but can only wait till after the baby so he is monitoring it till then. I must say I feel much better, no tears and even decided to take a pic of my belly from their rest rooms. So that is me 19 weeks and 5 days pregnant.
How far along? 19 weeks and 6 days
Size of Baby: Baby equals a large heirloom tomato in size and weighs 8 1/2 ounces. (length: 6 inches, head to bottom)

Total weight gain/loss:I have gained a total of 4kg so far  
Maternity clothes? Some maternity leggings and now most of my clothes are asking for leave.
Stretch marks? None, still doing the oiling, cant wait for this dry winter to end. So looking forward to humidity today when we fly to Durban.
Sleep: Not at all last night was the worst not sure if it was because of the visit to the dentist but the last three nights I have tossed and turned even Wayne has noticed it.
Best moment this week: Lots of stuff has happened the wardrobes being vanished, yet to come I would say today as we head down to Durban for BC's appointment tomorrow.
Movement: To be honest I'm not sure, they say one should feel flutters or bubbles and I havent felt that I have instead felt something similar to a pulse but really strong in weird places or may be I'm just not that observant and sometimes its just gas.
Food cravings: None just cant stand chicken.
Gender: We still dont know hoping and praying the baby keeps its legs open tomorrow/Friday.
Labor Signs:None
Belly button in or out? It's basically on the fence it sticks out abit when im so bloated.
What I miss: Being able to bend and pick up things normally.
What I am looking forward to:Our 20 week appointment tomorrow, and see BC (Baby Cook)
Weekly Wisdom: Pregnancy is over rated, there are things they dont tell you and you have to find out on your own.
Milestones: Oh being able to mop the house phew.

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thobeka said...

yay you're FINALLY showing!!! :) look forward to hearing about the gender..then i can start shopping!