Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stewart little or the carpenter - The wait is on!!!

They were recommended by a dear friend, and they turned out to be our nightmare. To install two closets they said it was a day and half job its now 3 weeks. When they arrived they asked why we hadn't used carpenters recommended by the company that cut the pieces of the closets and we told them the company doesn't because of fear of having their reputation destroyed by the carpenters. And they swore they were not like that they were professionals. Its turns out they are lazy punks !!!!! At this rate I might go on a carpentry course and qualify before they finish the work.
It's three weeks and the closets that should have taken maximum 2 days to fix has its pieces scattered across our garage like a carpenter's internship section. To make matters worse I discovered we have a guest in our garage a Stewart little- mouse/ rat, I can't get myself or Wayne to kill it,  the cat wont bart an eyelid in that direction and if given a chance our dog who reside happily in the garage for the rest of his life trying to sniff it out. I think he is too cute to die, can you picture yourself killing Stewart little? A few days back I found scraps of wood from our garage door, the  Stewartt little -mouse/rat was trying to chew its way out of the garage. My nightmare is waking up to finding pieces of the wardrobes chewed as well. I'm not very good at waiting for something especially if a date is confirmed or given.
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But now it's different our house is a mess, we don't have closets so ironing is out of the question there is no where to store the clothes besides upstairs where our cat has discovered what paradise is all about - cuddling in dad's clothes and leaving evidence of black fur on all his clothes, setting a new trend in our home of washing and tumble drying clothes about 3 times before use. Nightmare is what we are living now. So come tomorrow if these wallies/carpenters are not anywhere in sight I will die.

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