Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby room

Last night I  was determined to have an early night, prepared dinner and tidied abit and decided to take a shower while the stew simmered. I forgot to turn down the stove. By the time I got out of the shower, it was hell , the dog was barking his head almost off and the cat was in hysterics. The stew got so burnt I had to make dinner all over again. So m uch for an early n ight I got to bed at 10pm.
The upside, BC's room is beginning to come together, tiles have been laid, the wash basin has been fitted thanks to a hard working hubby, John and mom and as I type this the carpenter is installing the closets. I wasnt too keen on the idea of installing a wash basin in the room but the lady we bought the house from used to use this room as a saloon. So for the few months BC will fit in the basin we might as well put it to use. The plus side we got the basin on promo which makes hubby very happy.

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