Monday, September 5, 2011

A baby shower and an accident

On saturday morning I headed to springs to meet up with Ouma and go for Wayne's cousin's surprise baby shower. I got lost on my way I took the wong off ramp, I dont know why we actaully go to spring once every month. Blame that on pregnancy brain.
The shower went went the little Jasmine was spoilt and got lots of lovely stuff. It was wonderful to sit and chat with ouma.
Another Grandmother

grandmother and great grandmother

Big brother

After the shower, ouma and I headed back to oupie and had lunch, as we chatted and I took some pictures, I always look forward to ouma's garden as she has the most amazingly manicured garden and beautiful flowers.

The got a new dog Charlie, quite a little catch. The family seems complete now. Buddy has a friend.

we just love these two

It was soon time to leave, they were not happy with me leaving and insisted I spend the night but our babies were home alone. They waved and we said our goodbyes, off I headed content and happy at how the day was turning out.

Then I took the wrong turn drove for about 3 kms and noticed what had happened, I reversed back to the toll and made an illegal turn to get onto the right route. As I drove confidently with peace and quite in the car out of no where what looked like abox feel infront of my car, it wasnt a box it was a cupboard , it fell off a pickup truck that was loaded with household stuff. I could nt swerve to the right two cars , couldnt break the guy at the back was on my tail and he would have run into me, I couldnt go left there was a barrier so ofcousre I had to run into the cupboard. I stopped and cried while on the phone to ouma and oupie who  told me what to do, got the guy's details. Luckily I was in the  big car, I do have a few scratches but we are ok. I had my first experience with reporting and accident thanks to granpa and jenny, and my good friends Soh and Thobs came over to check on me. They are such a blessing, I'm glad I listened to the inner voice that insisted I take my car in the morning as I wanted to take Wayne's instead. Grateful for those inspirations.
All in all the weekend was good.
Happy week everyone!!!


Monique said...

glad your okay, sorry to hear that you had some trouble on the road. goodness your having a baby! so exciting congrats! such an amazing time for you.

The cooks said...

Yes so glad we are ok , oh we excited about our little one we cant wait for dec:) Thanks again.