Monday, February 11, 2013

Hanging out at the park

Often when Wayne leaves for work to another country, I get so emotional especially on the day he leaves. So after saying our good byes, we had lunch and Sarah had her afternoon nap. We packed up our bag with Sarah's favourite park friendly toy; her ball and had fudge in tow. To kill time till as she loves the outdoors and also to tire munchkin out, as the first three nights are horrible. She wakes up literally every 15 minutes looking for her daddy. So when she is tired she sleeps better but not perfect. And I will take anything I can get besides the fifteen minute alarm clock!
 It was lovely to be out. Unfortunate for us the park had quite a number of other animals and fudge is not very friendly with other dogs. So we couldn't let him roam around the park without his leash. He kept close by Sarah and every time someone came close by his back hairs stood up. He is so protective over his little sister. Even when she is moaning or crying, he gets up and walks to the room to check and make sure she is ok and will sometimes hang around till she keeps quiet. Fudge is a very laid back!!!   He is excited to get out of the house but wont run after a ball or any toys for that matter whether at the park or home. And this counts as exercise too for him.

He just walks about sniffing and peeing on everything. Well he loves it and Sarah loves it too. It was great taking a stroll around and playing ball with Sarah and fudge. And nothing beats having some fresh air outdoors.

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