Friday, February 22, 2013

Visiting in Durban

We are in Durban visiting with the good old folks:) for a whole 10 days.
Munchkin with granddad
watching tv with granny
 We are loving it here but as usual there a trip without some kind of drama wouldn't make us the cooks. We missed our flight! We should have been here for 11 days but then it happened. And this time we weren't late for our flight we made it in time.

 Some how in my confidence, I didn't bother to check my wallet the day before or hours before our flight. Im always sure my driver's licence is in my wallet. Well 30 mins to leave for the airoit it was no where to be found. So after searching around the house and emptying the car, there was nothing. Then I decided not to stress because I could still use my passport right? Well the passport was no where to be found, I checked like a thousand times where we usually put them but all I found where Sarah"s and Wayne's passports but not mine. So I called wayne panicking, hoping he would pick up his phone as he was in training in Tanzania but he didn't pick up. He eventually called back and I explained to him my dilemma, this is now like 5 minutes to leave for the airport. He had a solution, a certified copy of my passport and also to go with my expired one just incase. well I pick the only certified copy I could get , sarah's passport and we head off to the airport. We arrived in time and when we got to check in I explained to the friendly lady what had happened, reading her facial expression, for a second it seemed like we were good to go, then she picked up her phone and called her supervisor. well my certified copy was 6 months old and they only accept three months and below. So she referred us to one of their desks saying" go there and talk to them, and they will help you" I was like if you are not able to convince them and you are part of their team how do you suppose I should go about it. Well we trotted back to the desk and the only option was to change our flight again at a fee! By this time the cost of changing tickets would have bought us another return trip!!! I even ask if we could use munchkin's passport to travel, dumb!!!! I know but the thought of going back home and going through the same process was kind of tiring. and telling Wayne we missed our flight and I had to spend more money!!! Anyway he was so calmed and said it was cool and not to worry about it. To check in some places where the passport would be.
Thanks to our chauffer Bonolo after changing the tickets to the following day same time, we headed home. When in an unpleasant situation, I usually laugh with tears streaming down my face but because we were in public and not wanting to upset munchkin, all I did was laugh. Funny thing is on our way to the airport we were talking and laughing about travel incidents/missing flights and history did repeat itself.
As soon as we got home and unloaded the car, I went to my closet and there was a plastic bag and emptied it on the bed, there was my passport smiling back at me.
So we spent the rest of the day chilling and watching tv.
Had to make the disappointing call to mom and dad.
The following morning I repacked our bags and we were good to go, until on arrival at the airport the same lady calls us through and then picks up her phone and makes a call. In my head I was thinking of how rude she was, turns out, the gates had just been closed and she was asking them to open them again. We almost missed our flight! We eventually made it. Munchkin was a trooper, we had about 15 kids on the flight, it was wailing galore! thanks to the descent. But Sarah was good, as soon as we started descending she was uncomfortable  and cried a bit tried to breast feed her but all she wanted was to play and eventually she settle breastfed and lay in my arms for the rest of the trip.
The day before she had fallen and bruised her nose, so much for a grand entrance, granny and granddad were very happy to finally have her with them.

well we made it and we are having a cool time in Durban, enjoying every bit of the complex weather.

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