Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We miss him

Wayne left on Sunday for East Africa. Basically he is doing work in all the three countries and will be back in three weeks. Yikes!!! It doesn't feel right at home, we miss him dearly and the impact is clearly taking a toll on fudge, Sarah and I. I miss having him next to me the cuddles and watching him play his part with fudge and Sarah.
with daddy just before he left for the airport. we always take pics of her with daddy before he leaves for  his trips
It gets particularly difficult in the evenings after she has had her dinner and bath , then bed time. Wayne's usual time to get home is between 6 and 6.30pm so before her dinner she runs to the gate yelling "dada". And it breaks my heart because I can see the confusion going on of him not being around.
And after she is dressed up and ready for bed, we usually sit on the carpet in her room. She then chooses a book for him to read and she sits on my lap listening to him as I breastfeed her. We then say our family prayers and the good night kisses are exchange, then daddy leaves the room for me to settle her into bed. Hearing their giggles and hearty laughs when I leave the room, as I prepare her drinking water and allergy medicines before we settle down is music to my ears. I love these two to bits.
Yup , she does love brushing her teeth and after her bath she grabs onto the tooth brush.
See my teeth all sparkly and white
Daddy will you share my tooth brush too. Its yummy!!
I look forward to this time of day and its quite difficult when he is not around because Sarah keeps looking at the door for him to come through.
Having fun before being tucked in
And with fudge, he does not eat for the first two days after he is gone and wont sleep in his bed instead he sleeps by the door waiting for him to return. I end up taking his bed to the door way.
The first three days have been horrible because the Internet connection in Uganda is slow that we cant Skype, but tonight we were able to Skype thanks to the Internet connection in Tanzania which is faster than Uganda. We can't wait for him to get to Kenya because its even better than the connection we have at home. We were able to chat to him and Sarah and fudge were so happy. Fudge kept on wagging his tail and Sarah couldn't stop kissing his face on the ipad, she kept on carrying close to her chest.
So I'm glad she got to say night nightie to daddy and he read to her a story.
THANKS TO TECHNOLOGY!!! our darling princess went to bed happy. And when baby is happy , mommy is happy too.
Story time- I love these two. They are so adorable together
As I type this out there is one huge storm that has started, I hope the thunder doesn't wake her up. As she needs some rest. We fly to urban tomorrow for 11 days to spend time with the folks while Wayne is out of town. So I'm kind of anxious flying just the two of us. She is always good when we fly but we have done it as a family with daddy around. so we shall see how that goes. And as usual I haven't packed. So much to do, I need to sleep now and wake up early to sort every thing out before munchkin wakes up.

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